February 25, 2021

3 Common Reasons Why Your Basement Floods

A basement flood is a frustrating event; it is difficult to remove the water and it can damage any stored valuables and equipment. Whether you are dealing with a current flood or preventing a future incident, it is useful to know what causes one. Learn about the common reasons your basement can flood to better protect your Stockton, California, home.
1. Substandard Sealing
One potential reason for a flooded basement is due to poor wall and floor sealing. Numerous cracks and other untreated areas leave your home vulnerable to water. When an intense storm or another natural disaster strikes your area, water can seep into the building and accumulate in your basement. Carefully inspect the floor and wall seal whenever you can. Fix any issues you see, especially if some water is already dripping out.
2. Poor House Location
Another factor that can lead to a basement flood is the location of your home. The territory where the house is built can impact how likely it is that the basement will flood. For instance, a house built on unstable soil will cause foundation damage where floodwater can enter. Also, most of the neighborhood's water will drain to your home if you live on the low part of a sloped terrain. Avoid living in these territories if possible, though erosion can level out slopes over time.
3. Flawed Drainage System
Issues with the building's drainage system can lead to future water damage in the basement. Downspouts that drain towards the basement wall or are too close to it can cause that water to spill towards it, eventually overwhelming the structure. Also, blocked gutters and eavestroughs can cause liquid to back up and flow back into the house, potentially flooding the basement and damaging other parts of the residence. Unblock any drainage and ensure it is properly installed.
Finding the cause of a basement flood can help emergency damage response technicians control existing damage or prevent it. Consider these possibilities as you investigate a situation or try to avoid it.

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