January 11, 2021

Common Water Problems in Commercial Buildings

Water issues in a commercial building can quickly go from a minor inconvenience to a costly disaster. Leaking pipes, a toilet backup or other similar problems could cause major flooding that necessitates emergency restoration services.

You should thus regularly inspect your plumbing system for signs of trouble and make any repairs as soon as possible. Below are common water issues in commercial buildings that could cause severe harm if left unaddressed.

1. Deteriorated Sewer Lines

Your cast-iron sewer lines should last at least 25 years. Sometimes, however, they break down sooner than expected. If you notice indentations or deformities in the landscape, you may have a sewer problem. Chronic drain clogs and sewer gas odors are other potential warning signs.

2. Broken Pipes

Broken or leaking pipes are perhaps the most common causes of water issues in commercial buildings. Even durable copper pipes can wear down over time. in fact, poor water quality can cause pinhole copper pipe leaks in just two years.

Water stains or bulges in the ceiling and walls could be evidence of a pipe break in your building. If you find this problem early, you may be able to repair the equipment instead of spending more money to replace the entire pipe.

3. Foundation Damage

Plumbing issues can lead to soil displacement and poor drainage, both of which may affect the foundation of your property. Foundation problems, meanwhile, can cause unsightly wall or ceiling cracks. A poor foundation can even reduce the structural integrity of the property. All of these issues increase the odds of a flood or other weather event damaging the building.

Any of the above water issues could cause damage to your Valencia, CA commercial building. You should thus keep an eye out for leaking pipes, foundation cracks and other signs of damage. To protect your property and keep your business running smoothly, have a professional repair any problems immediately.

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