December 2, 2020

4 Steps To Preventing Bathroom Mold

No matter the type of climate you live in, bathroom mildew can be a problem for homeowners. If you own a home in Valencia, California, you may have already noticed mold in your bathroom. Unfortunately, running a swamp cooler can make the situation worse. Here are four tips on how to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom.

1. Scrub Your Bathroom

The first step is to remove any mold or mildew that you may already have. When cleaning your showers and tubs, be sure to scrub the tiles and grouted areas. Mold loves to stick to grout but by scrubbing them once a month and applying a regular cleaner once a week, you should be able to keep the mold from ever taking hold.

2. Clean and Maintain Your Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers can develop leaks which can lead to mold growth inside of your unit. Once this happens, mold spores can be sent out into your home, eventually contributing to bathroom mildew problems. Be sure to inspect your system once in a while and clean the ducts and drip pans to avoid a humidity problem.

3. Use a Dehumidifier

Swamp coolers cool your house with evaporated moisture. The moisture can build up, leading to a humidity problem inside your home. You can try opening a window or running a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level.

4. Switch to an A/C Unit

Swamp coolers use less electricity than A/C units, but the evaporative moisture can lead to problems inside your home, especially in humid climates. If opening a window or running a dehumidifier along with your swamp cooler is not enough, you may need to switch to an A/C unit.
Bathroom mildew can be tough to get rid of. If your mold keeps coming back or you cannot find the source of the problem, call an expert mold remediation company for help.

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