December 2, 2020

How To Prevent a Dryer Fire in Your Home

A dryer fire can cause massive damage to your Santa Clarita home. Approximately 2,900 home dryer fires occur in America each year. These fires typically take place in the winter and fall months. Annually, they cause:

100 injuries
$35 million in property loss
Five deaths

More than one-third of home dryer fires result from a failure to clean the appliance. To prevent a lint fire, you need to maintain both the vents and the filter. Below are some tips for taking proper care of your dryer.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Dryer

You should inspect your dryer regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. Any damage to the vents must be addressed as soon as possible. If the dryer has outside wall dampers, consider covering them so they do not get filled with dirt, rain or snow.
Removing lint from the dryer is arguably the best way to prevent a fire. Clean the lint filter before and after each load. Every six months, you should also use a nylon brush to give the filter a more thorough cleaning. To further decrease your risk of a lint fire, clear out the vent pipe every three months.

What To Avoid

Using your dryer correctly is important, as well. Certain items should not be placed inside the appliance. Anything made of glass fiber, rubber, plastic or foam should be hung to dry instead. This includes rugs or mats with rubber backings.

Finally, avoid using a dryer with a damaged, loose or missing filter. A malfunctioning or absent filter increases your risk of a fire.
A blaze could ignite within your dryer if you do not use and clean it properly. If you do see a lint fire inside the appliance, contact emergency responders right away. You may also want to call fire cleanup specialists who can restore the dryer and any other parts of your home affected by the flames.

If you experience fire damage in your home, contact our team anytime, 24/7 at 661-481-0150.

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