January 11, 2021

Leaky Pipes May Mean Big Losses

Running a successful company in Burbank, CA, means knowing the numbers, which there are a lot of. When it comes to the actual property, an often overlooked number is water usage. Even a slow water leak can lead to more than 700 gallons of wasted water a year. Along with the waste, it may also mean extensive water damage and the potential for more costly plumbing repairs.

Common Culprits

While a pipe break will present an obvious sign of trouble, water issues tend to be more subtle. For commercial properties, areas prone to water issues include:

Faucets and Toilets – These frequently used fixtures have components that eventually wear out. Once a little leak starts, it is only a matter of time before it becomes more severe.

Underground – Although not as easy to detect, signs of a below ground leak may include sections of wet soil, areas with faster plant growth and higher water bill. This kind of issue may require exploratory digging to locate.

Hidden Pipes – Along with a noticeable difference on the bill, signs of a hidden issue include unexplained wet surfaces and stains on the ceiling, floors and walls.

Take Quick Action

At the first sign of a drip, getting the water leak repaired needs to be a top priority. If it goes unchecked, that small issue can quickly lead to extensive structural damage and mold growth. Once that happens, it will likely mean needing a water remediation and restoration expert to return the property back to normal. If leaks seem to be an ongoing problem, it may be time to replace fixtures or upgrade the plumbing system. There is also new technology available that can help detect leaks and monitor consumption.

A water leak may seem like something insignificant, but the actual costs can quickly soar. Stay up to date on your plumbing and address issues immediately to keep costs down.

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