November 10, 2020

3 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

You rarely think about your water heater until there’s a problem, but when it malfunctions, that cold shower will surely get your attention. Waiting until there are strange sounds or leaks coming from the appliance isn’t the best approach to this situation. Instead, invest a little time in maintenance before an issue occurs, so when you hear noises coming from the closet, you may have prevented a bigger problem. Below are three causes of a noisy boiler.

1. It’s Dirty

Water contains minerals that affect the performance of appliances in Santa Clarita, California. The type and amount of minerals differs across the country, and some states have very hard or soft water. You have hard water if you see rust-colored stains or white deposits on your sink or tub. These minerals also cause sediment buildup in the bottom of the heating tank, and this can cause loud noises as water travels through. It’s a good idea to do a water heater flush to remove this layer of sediment. You could even install a water softening system in the primary supply line to prevent this issue.

2. Parts Are Too Loose or Too Tight

If you hear a screeching or high-pitched sound as your water heater cycles on and off, this could indicate that a valve is too tight or improperly sealed. This is like the bottleneck effect, where water is forced through a tiny space that can’t accommodate it. Check the valves on the appliance to see if anything is amiss. The fix may be as simple as adjusting them to the correct position.

3. It Might Be Broken

One sign of a broken boiler is unusual sounds combined with water leakage. If these are both present, turn off the water main to the house until you can consult your local plumber and water damage cleanup provider. This will prevent more water from seeping into the structure of your home while you wait for help to arrive.
Remember, water heater noises don’t always mean there’s a major problem. A few regular checks per year will help you distinguish between the normal function and a potential issue.

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