November 12, 2020

What To Know About Wood and Water Damage

Water damage in your home from flooding or a water overflow presents a couple of major issues. Not only do you have to deal with damage to your home’s structure, but also the affected contents, including any interior surfaces such as drywall, carpet and hardwood floors, among other items. As a property owner in Santa Clarita, California, it’s essential to have insurance coverage to cover any losses due to sudden and accidental water damage. Wood in particular, is especially susceptible to destruction from moisture, even spills left unattended. Swelling wood, mold and rot are all issues related to unattended moisture. Quick water removal and fast drying are essential to saving these items and surfaces.

Saving Your Wood

You improve your chances of saving damaged wood by acting quickly.

Stop the source of the damage, including water pipe repair or shutting off a supply line.
Remove wet objects from the area, especially soaked carpet, padding and tack strips.
Remove standing water using a wet vacuum cleaner and/or pump.
Disinfect and clean surfaces.
Dry out the area using dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioning, without heat.
Dry out wet sub-floors.
Remove a board or two from the floor to relieve stress from swelling wood and facilitate drying.
Measure moisture using a meter to confirm that the wood is fully dry.
Salvage floors by sanding and refinishing.

Hiring a Professional for Cleanup

It is strongly recommended that you consult a provider of water restoration services to handle cleaning of wood and other items, especially if the damage is covered by an insurance policy. This provider will know the best drying and cleanup methods to deal with swelling wood, mold removal and other repairs. The goal will be to return your home to pre-damage conditions as quickly as possible with an emphasis on repairs over replacement. Water cleanup professionals have the knowledge, resources and experience to do so.

To learn more about water damage restoration, visit our water damage section by clicking here.

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